Come Tryout

Come Tryout

Alice Essien

A good work ethic, perseverance, and dedication are exactly what you will need in order to gain membership to the legendary Bulldog Baseball team here at Louisiana Tech.

Each year several player hopefuls audition for what they anticipate to be the beginning of their collegian baseball careers. Each player fights for those last spots on the team that the coaches were unable to fill with scouted players. The competition can get vicious due to the fact that the spots are limited and each prospective player feels that they deserve a position.

The first thing that a potential player will need to become a part of the squad is approval by the National Student Clearinghouse and high school transcript. What this does is ensure the coaching staff that a potential player has graduated from high school and is enrolled here at Louisiana Tech.

Once a player is approved by the Clearinghouse and their official high school transcripts have been reviewed, they must then be examined by a physician. The physical can be performed by a physician of the players’ choice or one of the certified team trainers here at Louisiana Tech.

After all that tedious paper work it’s time for the prospects to grab a bat and glove and head to the diamond. Players speed, strength, and agility will all be analyzed by the coaching staff and then compared to that of the current members of the team. Anyone planning to attend the tryouts should be prepared to run the 60 yard dash, throw live bat pitches, and hit fly and ground balls for over a two day period.

“Any time we have walk on try outs, what we try to do is see if they’re a good enough athletes to hang with the guys that we already have and possible one day take the place of one of them” said Bulldog Baseball head coach Wade Simoneaux.

In addition to attending the open tryouts, a perspective play may want to think about attending one of the baseball camps held here by the Bulldog Baseball team. Attending the camps gives a perspective player a feel of what the team is all about and they can become familiar with players, coaches, and other baseball staff members. Camps are also a good place to showcase talent and athletic ability that could give a player the edge on the competition.

“Once the tryouts came around I felt very comfortable with the team because they players and staff remember and recognized me from the winter camp. Going to the camps definitely benefitted me in the end” said Justin Gordey current walk-on member of the baseball team. Gordey is the only current member of the team who has transitioned from a walk-on member to a scholarship player. His advice to prospective player is to “Give it your all everyday and at least you know you gave it your best. No one can take that away from you, if you go all out, and try to have fun.”

For more information any perspective player would want to contact head coach Wade Simoneaux at



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