This moment will be as bittersweet as the rest

Winnie Sanders


Journalism 210

Personality Profile/Narrative

The field was dry as the sun glistened down onto the diamond so beautifully as if it were bouncing off of a class ring.  Just the thought brings back so many memories of the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get to that point.  Every inch of  that place has a memory that lives inside his beating heart.

Justin Gordey, a senior who has played his heart out for five years on the J.C. Love Field talks about his role models, his career, and a bittersweet goodbye.

Remembering how over the years teammates, coaches, and friends have been their both athletically and academically. College is not about letting others find out who you are, it’s about you finding yourself  and though everyone has mentors to help guide along the right path there are always people that look up to us.

There are numerous levels of baseball: little league, high school, college, the minors, and the major league and the little leaguers always look up to the older, more mature players but even they have a role model that they aspire to be like.

Senior Justin Gordey said, ” As I plan to end my 20 year baseball career after this year, I have always aspired to be like my father, Jim Gordey, a retired major in the United States Air Force and Captain for Southwest Airlines.”

A bond between a father and son is one that can never be broken but Gordey has also formed a relationship that no matter where he goes in life he’ll never forget.

” Playing baseball for Louisiana Tech has affected my life tremendously because  I’ve gotten to form bonds with over 60 guys over the last five years and that bond and sense of family has affected everything that I do, said Gordey.”

A team is like a family of individuals that comes together from across the country for one reason…to become one. Belief and faith that this diverse group of guys can set aside their differences for the common cause of playing the sport that they all love is not an easy task but with a strong support system anything can be accomplished.

” If it weren’t for my family and mentors like Matt Slate, a pastor at the Bridge Community Church, I don’t think that I would have been able to achieve my personal and professional goals throughout my life and the last grueling years of college, said Gordey.”

Picturing an empty field or walking off of Louisiana Tech’s campus for the final time as a student only makes him wonder what the future has in store and what legacy to leave behind to the players that will follow.

“If I could give any piece of advice to little leaguers that dream of playing as long as I have, or someone just in the pursuit of success, I leave them with this little nugget- find your passion and don’t let it go. Love life every day, every minute, said Gordey.”

Lives have forever been impacted, not only the life of this Louisiana Tech University student but others around the area and country as well, because this young man decided to follow his passion and to live life to the fullest and as this chapter closes, it’s not a bittersweet goodbye to a 20 year journey but the first start on a new path.


won or lose. It’s all about playing the game, having fun, and making lasting memories.

Senior Justin Gordey prepares to lay down is bat and glove for the final time.


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