Baseball requires than physical skills

Winnie Sanders

Journalism 210

Follow-up Story to Baseball Tryouts

College baseball tryouts represent an opportunity for a non-scholarship players to make a positive impression on a baseball coach and win a spot on the team.

In many cases, this can be a difficult task.  There may be only a few openings that dozens of players are trying to earn. To have a chance, you must quickly demonstrate that you not only have the skill but you are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared.

Perhaps no college sport has better exemplified the undefined nature of athletic scholarship distribution than baseball, where some players traditionally can  receive either a partial or even a full scholarship.

For years, some coaches have signed a handful of high school athletes to what were viewed as tryout scholarships. At some school the program is allotted a specific amount of money to offer to a certain amount of players so that it will secure their enrollment at the university, but then they choose to evaluate the players during fall practices to determine their strengths and weaknesses and when they be given the opportunity to play.

“This isn’t the case for the guys wanting to be a part  of the Bulldog baseball team, we strongly encourage non-recruited walk-on athletes  to par-take in the tryout process”, said baseball correspondent Kelvin Queliz

The only mandated requirements that the baseball team as well as the university has is that each athlete is cleared by the Clearinghouse, the registrar receives a copy of their high school or college transcripts, and a physical from a doctor but once they step out onto the field the coaches are looking for other qualities.

According to Major League Hall of Famer Yogi Berra,” 90 percent of this game is half mental”

Although this may not make sense to some, to athletic individuals who designate a certain amount of time a day to perfect their chosen craft in order to demonstrate the physical capabilities that it takes in this sport one must mentally prepare themselves first.

Just like any other sport one must be polished, condition the body and be a hard worker but they must maintain a sense of composure, knowledge of the game, and alertness so that they can quickly react to any given situation.

Mental stability is a large key factor in the sport because one must demonstrate that they have the willingness to work with others, came compose themselves, manage responsibilities, and take part in a leadership role on and off the field.

So don’t just go out there and play the game–be the game because baseball requires more than just to physical skills, it requires something that each and every one of us has…a heart and the passion to do what we love.


The players also need to have the ability to entertain and be encouraged by their Bulldog Fans as seen here at last Friday’s game.


Shown here is a list of some of the physical, mental, and emotional things that a college baseball coach might be looking for during the tryouts.


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