Behind the Baseball

Fans of Louisiana Tech Bulldog Baseball can keep up and track the team by using several different sources, but in order for this to be possible someone has to keep the close eye on the collegiate team.
This is the job of media relations intern Kelvin Queliz. Queliz has been a member of the media relations team since October of 2011. He is the primary contact regarding all media relating to baseball, women’s volleyball, and women bowling. His duties include making media guides, game notes, press releases, statistic records and game recaps.
Louisiana Tech Bulldog Baseball could not have found a better occupant for this job. He has three years experience dealing with baseball statistic as a undergrad. In addition to that, he also played the sport for four years in high school and two years at the colligate level, which makes him very familiar with regulations and proceedings of the game.
A native of New York, Queliz received his bachelors’ degree from the University of Delaware with a major in Sports Management and a minor in legal studies. He worked as a student intern in the media relations department at the University of Delaware for the past four years while also assisting with the sports marketing team. He also spent his undergrad semester as a sales intern for the National Basketball Associations team 76ers of Philadelphia.
During the spring, baseball is his main priority being that it is the only sport that is in season during the time. Anytime the media wants to speak with a player or coach they must first go through Queliz, because he is responsible for any information released to the public on the team. Any time the team travels to an away game he is right there keeping tabs on them.
“My favorite part of this job is being able to travel with team. So far this year we have traveled to Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Reno just to name a few; all places I would have normally visited.” Said Queliz
Being the media representative is not all fun games, it comes with a lot of responsibility. All media must be confirmed by the media represent, it’s his job to make sure that the facts published by the press are accurate and in good standings with the university image. Any time information has been published that is not confirmed by the media representative, he is allowed to force the source to remove the information from public view.
“They have to go through me because no press can talk to the players or coaches directly. I’m responsible if something wrong is publish and it could possible hurt the image of not only the baseball program but the university as well.” Said Queliz
So the next time you pick an article regarding the Louisiana Tech Bulldog Baseball team keep Kelvin Queliz in mind because without him that information may not have even been available.

Alice Essien


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